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Website For Accounting Firm- Give Your Accounting Firm a Competitive Edge

February 8th, 2014

CPA website, Sites for CPAs Having a well designed website has become a necessity for almost all businesses so as to form a customer base and to provide them good services. Do you have an accounting firm and want to know how, websites4accountants.com can help in your business. Read on to find out.


For any business nowadays, whether big or medium sized, it has become more of a need, than an additional feature to have a website that brings in potential customers and takes care of the needs of the existing customers. The main purpose of a website a few years ago was just to advertise and reach the people using the internet. However, now with the internet becoming more of a tool of doing business rather than just the promotion of products and services, the significance of a website has increased by many folds.

It not only marks the presence of a company, but can also be used as a platform to provide basic information to consumers and as a medium of communication to pass on important messages directly to the consumers. A website becomes all the more important in case of service providing companies to provide personalized information to the users.

Features That Accounting Websites Use to Attract More Clients

February 8th, 2014

As a certified public accountant, you take care of corporate and individual accounts that pertain to taxes and accounting. As a service provider, you must ensure that you give your clients the most affordable and convenient service to retain them, and to attract more business. The internet has become the most common means of providing these. Hence, there are now CPA websites, which a client can access for accounting services.

Having your own website carries with it a lot of advantages for you and your client. It provides online data entry, and other online conveniences, such as tax data entry or basic taxpayer information forms. Aside from being fully functional, CPA websites can also be customized to fit your own preferences.

There are different web site designs with high quality background colors and graphics that are available for this purpose. Should you choose, you could post a customized company logo or your picture on these types of websites. Interactive features such as correspondence and form submissions can also be linked to your email address, so you do not miss out on anything.

To ensure that your clients visit your site at least once every month, you can publish an online newsletter. Many CPA websites make such publications, containing their latest articles on Due dates, taxes, internet, eCommerce, small business and accounting. These are the concerns, which your clients will most likely have an interest about. If they know your site is publishing updates for them on a regular basis, they will check on your site to find out the latest news and trends.

Accounting Website Design & Development

February 8th, 2014

For those of you seeking to get a custom designed CPA and accounting website, below are some important tips that should be considered when building the site. With the right set of ideas, the website also becomes an effective marketing tool that will help the company’s business to improve. Listed below are some important pointers that will help improve the quality, and add value to the site you want to be designed. This will help you turn visitors into clients.

Helpful tips for getting a CPA website or Accounting website designed:

1.Your website is a CPA website. Make sure its textual content is not too flowery nor should it be too dry. It should connect with your target audience (those requiring CPA and accounting services), and it should explain why your services are particularly best for them.

2. Accounting sites are not just for the purpose of looking good aesthetically, they also need to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Do make sure that the design team you hire, has a good and competent designers, as well as a skilled technical department.

3. People go online seeking specialists to design their accounting and CPA websites. When you design the site, make sure it has rich and compelling content in order to hold the visitor/potential client’s interest. After all, if the website does not have enough related content (tax strategies, relative help, FAQ etc.)then it will not be successful. Therefore, the website should be clear, to the point, professional, and look like it was created by an experienced and specialized CPA website designer.

4. The website should create a strong online presence. Also, it should be clever enough to turn your visitor into a client. Nevertheless, the text should not be about how good the taglines are. Emphasize on how the website’s services can actually help in putting across the CPA firm’s strong points.

5. After the CPA-specific website has been created, ask another CPA or accounting professional to go through the site. Ask him/her to minutely scan through all the content, CPA tools, services offered, etc. Make sure he remembers to highlight the good and the bad, so that later you can delete or edit what is not required.

6. Remember that an accounting website is more about figures and numbers and less about the latest software etc.

7. True professionals provide their customers with personalized business solutions and prompt guidance. Make sure you take no longer than 24 hours to revert back to queries and questions.

According to industry experts, the most outstanding accounting websites have a conversion rate which is even lower than 100:1. Meaning, if you have 500 visitors a month, you might get a maximum of 5 clients. Don’t lose hope, the main purpose of a having your business online is to convert targeted traffic to clients.